Concept, design and video production for the video website Barcelona Visió of Barcelona City Council. The 2.0 version web design of Barcelona Visió got a LAUS Award for Graphic Design and Visual Communication on the 40th Edition arranged by FAD (Arts and Design Development) that took place in 2010. Conceptualization of all campaigns and promotional material for the project, directed to a young and urban public.

To create the posters, flyers and postcards we get inspired by well-known characters of film, pop and comic culture, for example E.T the extraterrestrial Marilyn Monroe, Frankenstein or superheroes like Flash.

Àmbits d'intervenció: Animació Gràfica | Disseny | Vídeo | Web | Bvisio

This interactive website, that started to run in 2007, is an audiovisual platform of the city that brings together more than 4.400 animation and video creations made in Barcelona in HD and downloadable for free. Barcelona Visió hosts more than 400 reports of 4 minutes length about people residing in the city who develop their projects framed under science, arts, architecture, design, solidarity, film or sports. There can also be seen videos made by Animation and Audiovisual students from the most relevant schools and universities of Barcelona.

There are also creations made by amateur and professional people of the field, showing as well teasers and audiovisual contents that belong to the film festivals and audiovisual exhibitions of Barcelona. The philosophy of Barcelona Visió is to show and share the audiovisual culture generated in the city and offer to the users the chance to upload their videos and put them at net’s disposal following the license logic promoted by Creative Commons.